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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> bank youthank you. guab>> commissioner joe marshal.
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commissioner thomas mazzucco, commissioner dejesus. >> welcome to the hour meeting -- to our meeting. we will be handling a disciplinary matter this will be in closed session. tonight, this will be a brief public session but we will be busy late into the evening dealing with disciplinary matters. please call item one. >> item 1 is adoption of the commission's minutes before the regular meetings held on june 2nd, 2010, and october 20th,
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2010. >> you have a copy of the minutes in your packet. are there any changes or deletions and need to be made? >> moved and seconded. >> please call item number two. item number two is general public comment. you may address the commission for a time. determined by the chair, not to exceed three minutes, on items that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission but to not appear on the agenda. >> thank you. is anyone that wishes to address the commission? >> october 22nd, 2010, i met -- at the basement of city hall. we proceeded to go to the police commission and as usual, an indian-looking man showed up
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again. peter confronted him and asked him for his identification. he claims to be homeless. the very first time that i met him was after a phone conversation with james ramsay. he followed me to a police commission meeting and he also followed me several blocks. he told me that i was on his list to be raped. i knew that he is trying to intimidate me and was lying about his status. he called me several times until i asked officer james ramsey to have him stop calling me. on october 22nd, he had 10 officers, sheriff's deputies around him. i asked the sheriff's department to have him stop stocking me and harassing me. can you please have that man
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leave me alone. he gave me his e-mail and he never responded the. he seems to appear at every police commission meeting that i am at. my vital organs were burned and you do not understand that because this has not happened to you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i in a private investigator of crimes against children covered up by law enforcement and down
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-- enforcement. i have asked for meetings with you said that we can discuss the crimes being covered up by your department here in san francisco. i was the one he did a citizen's arrest against that individual two weeks ago. we turned in our reports to the sheriff's department. what was shocking is that we had talked to police officers to intercept him. we divided into three groups and he said, you know me, you know me, to the deputy sheriffs. why is the stalking my friend here? who is this piece of scum? i want to ask you to investigate
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this man and have him arrested before in this room. she was told that he would never stop her again by the sheriff's department. you have police here and i'm asking for someone to arrest this man. we believe that he is working for the san francisco police department and that is why he is being protected. my point is that because we have come here now for two years this month asking the police commission, i realize that most of your new and -- you are new. we have asked the chief of police, we have asked for investigations and now you have a new police chief, nothing is happening on the torture of children. we are sick and tired of it.
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i urge everyone to listen to my show from 6:00 until 7:00 tonight. then we will be on another show. we will ask and call for a boycott of all businesses in san francisco between now and the first of the year because since we can't get anything from you, the sheriff's department, the police department, we will go on the offensive. you need to help us. you have volunteered to be in these positions to help victims. how about doing your job? >> bling to, any further public comment. >> good evening. -- thank-you, any further comment? >> i would like to say hello to
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some of the new commissioners. in the remember some of the difficult things that happened at that particular meeting where there was a situation for us? my own people tried to stop me from doing my thing. i'm here to explain and expound. in my opinion, this is participation whether we want to or not. we have police officers who have been there for one to three
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years. we have some who are called by our community. people that are trying to stymie -- trying to stop me. [singing] police are coming after me check your history, you're coming after me because i am a- c-t. [normal voice] you're calling me a terrorist. that is why i'm fighting you and the chief and commissioner marshall because i am part of a fabric that cannot be stopped
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by this agenda. i am being interfered with by the police department and by some of these so-called leaders. i am here on the mission and i will be continuing. there are rickey's said don't know anything about the history saying that you cannot use your bullhorn. i need you to come out and telling it like it is. we are working on this to get there. we have a situation on golden gate and fillmore with mcdonald's. i got two orders from the police department on the same day. they're not lawyers.
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we don't need to their interpretation of what the lot is. >> he did call you. >> i am begging and hoping that we have some control. >> time is up, mr. washington. >> i don't think that i can talk about 1. i will talk about an experience that i brought with me when i was living in key west. i was part of a board or an international organization called crime stoppers.
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i was curious as to why there was not a crime stopper branch in san francisco. this is an international organization for crime stopping. the organization basically pays for tips that lead to convictions and crimes. with the economy in the situation then it is in, i am surprised that there is not already an organization that has been set up in the community. i downloaded the applications but because i've only been here a couple of years, i don't have connections to the leaders and individuals that would be supportive of the ideas of forming a board. i do come with experience. so, if anyone in those anyone
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who would be interested in joining with me to form a crime stopper branch in san francisco, i would be happy to offer some time and experience. >> the chief of south side in dealing with another issue, maybe you can challenge him on this. >> is there any further public comment? >> first of all, i get an e- mail from chief william. he sent me an e-mail and i will not get into the private details that he said the best choice i ever made was my number 2. that is quite an honor. let's move past that. i grew up in boston, let's talk
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about the great officers we have right now and the great people today. we had an officer who was dragged, an officer-related shooting. we have some great officers. yes, we make mistakes. i talked to terry this morning. dark and marshall, you know the date you better than nine. the cost of a view -- corp. bayview better than i.
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>> i would like to ask you about law. this is a simple question. they did not obey the law. they are the ones accusing us. any policeman is provided with a car. they don't obey any law whatsoever. then they have a hard time.
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what do you think about that? that is a simple question and my comment about the police. >> any further public comment. the next item, the tenant. >> item 3, routine administrative business. >> before you call that item, we have been advised that this will probably be your last evening with the police commission and that your resignation was finally accepted that he submitted over a year and a half ago. we understand that you have a new post working for the
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assistant chief. bernanke for training with us. we will really miss you, you are the police commissioner. you are a great man and a great police officer and you have kept us on track. people cannot understand the hours that you put in some of the text messages, e-mail regarding critical incidents. preparing these packages and delivering them to our houses. getting to know our families. you are really an incredible person and an incredible human being and i'm glad you're moving on to the most -- the new post. i will really miss you. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> i am not moving that far away, i am just moving down the
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hall. >> i have no idea that it was your last day. >> thank you. >> i appreciate the time that you spent helping me get acclimated to the commission. hearing a lot of the history of the commission was tremendously helpful. i wish you the best. >> we have had a lot of conversations over the years. i don't know how i could have stayed on the commission all the time without you. you have been the conduit.
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that best thing that i've seen is the day you got your attendance badge. i am glad that you are not going far away. thank you so much for your service. >> thank you. i did not know it was your last day and spent the whole day with you interviewing court clerks. thank you for all you have done. i think you're one of the first person to work with me when i was going through the process. you literally worked day and night. thank you for your service.
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>> i appreciate that very much. >> as the newest commissioner here, you made my transition incredibly easy. i cannot contemplate the amount of work that you get done on a weekly basis. we finish this up very late in the evening on wednesdays. you have really shown your devotion to the park and the city and you should sleep very well knowing that you have done your fair share. >> thank you, commissioners. i appreciate this. i was not expecting this to come out. we're trying to make a single transition. i must say first of all that the six years i was in the office, i would have collapsed roadway-
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collapsed right away. in the early days when i was trying to prepare everything, she propped up the whole operation and she still does. she is someone who never point to herself or look for any kind of accolades or anything like that. i cannot take all the credit. i will not be moving too far away. i still expect support from the commission as needed and as the demands arise and with the indulgence of the chief. it would be my honor to do that. i would like to think the city attorney's office.
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i appreciate all the detailed explanations and prompting me out. they helped me to look me -- helped me to find the answer. it is easy when you have dedicated people on the commission. >> think you. i would like to think this is referred dropping off with you.
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we will be bothering you. >> i am sure that i will be surfacing from time to time. you're one of the most familiar faces seen on san francisco television. and thank you, lieutenant. >> thank you for overlooking all of the mistakes over the years. you're very kind. >> thank you. >> item 3. the first item is commission announcements. this is the assignment of disciplinary charges filed
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against patrol special officer robert burns to an individual commissioner for the taking of evidence on a date to be determined by the commissioner. mr. president, commissioner marshall has a case already signed on this matter so with your indulgence, we will assign this to commissioner marshall. i've been in contact with council on this matter. no other commission announcements that i have a this time. >> the next item. >> scheduling of items identified france of it -- for consideration of future commission meetings. the commission will be holding
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its medal of valor ceremony on december 15th and we will make the final arrangements later. that is one day and the titular that we do have. >> i know there was some discussion last week regarding the general order about using deadly force and i know that we have had some conversations whether that should be enclosed session but we really need to move with that. i know that we tentatively have that set for the eighth. i am asking that we prepared to move forward with that and move forward without as needed. this is something that we really need to address and i understand the issues out there. i've spoken to one other commissioner about this but i think that we need to move on this sooner than te


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